We are a group of individuals and organizations who are working together to expose the truth about the commercial tobacco industry and the ways it produces, manufactures, markets and promotes its deadly products. This website serves primarily to help us organize group events, especially advocacy activities surrounding tobacco industry shareholders meetings. The rest of the time it will serve as a clearing house for resources to help spread the truth about the tobacco industry.

For the last several years, anti-tobacco groups have worked together to organize a day of action and advocacy in Richmond, Virginia at the Philip Morris USA’s annual shareholder meeting in May. In 2020, due to travel restrictions around COVID-19, we decided to hold a virtual (online) week of activities to highlight tobacco industry lies and how to counter them.

In 2021, we will once again be holding virtual events due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This year, our activities will start with a kick off event on April 8, 2021 and continue with activities through “No Menthol Sunday” and the Philip Morris Shareholders meeting in mid May. This will include virtual programming – through social media, training webinars, at-home activities – for fostering youth engagement and mobilizing against the tobacco industry! We will be orienting our activities around 7 truths about the tobacco industry to counter their lies.

7 Truths – Moving beyond the lies

Last year, Mobilize Against Tobacco Lies exposed 7 deadly lies that the tobacco industry continually tells the public. This year, we are focusing on moving beyond those lies, and we have developed all of the training and events based on these 7 truths:

  1. Nicotine is addictive—no matter how it is ingested
  2. E-cigarettes and vaping are not healthy
  3. Tobacco products are harmful to the environment and are the number one littered item in the world
  4. The tobacco industry values profit over people
  5. Minority populations have been targeted by the tobacco industry for decades
  6. Menthol is a flavor—flavors attract youth
  7. The tobacco industry often opposes tobacco regulation